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Home Care

Our person-centred approach means all our care services are carried out with your complete safety and comfort in mind. All our qualified carers have been meticulously selected by our experienced team to ensure we provide our service users with only the best, most attentive care services. We aim to carry out your unique care plan according to the highest standards of dignity and respect, ensuring your complete satisfaction at all times.


Some of the duties we are able to undertake as part of our care services include:  

  • Personal care, including dressing and grooming. 

  • Washing and bathing. 

  • Continence care, including bathroom assistance and catheter care. 

  • Mobility support, including assisted movement around the house and changing positions in bed.  

  • Feeding. 

  • Medication management and administration. 

  • Light housekeeping and domestic work. 

  • Meal preparation. 

  • Shopping, picking up prescriptions, and other errands. 

  • Support with days out, including attending appointments and events. 

  • Companionship, friendship, and emotional support. 

  • Assistance with correspondence.

  • Home Care
    We specialise in delivering bespoke personal care that allows you to stay in your own home while still receiving the support you need to carry out your daily activities. Our carers are available 24/7 and will visit you at a time and for a duration that suits your needs.
  • Live-In Care
    Our live-in care services provide you with a professional carer that lives in your home day and night to provide you with specialised, around the clock care. As part of our live-in care services, we can also offer waking night care, complex care, and nursing care.
  • Dementia Care
    We offer a range of specialised care services to help those living with Dementia stay in their familiar surroundings and regular routines while ensuring they get the care they need.
  • Reablement Care
    Being released from the hospital without anyone to assist you during your recovery can be challenging, which is why we offer a dedicated reablement care service to provide you with the necessary support while you recover.
  • Palliative Care
    Our specialised palliative care services are designed to improve your quality of life and promote as much independence as possible while providing the necessary support.
  • Mental Health Care
    We can work with people with mental health concerns, as well as their families, providing advice and information to raise awareness and improve your understanding of various mental health issues.
  • Care For Children and Young People
    We can also work with children and young people living with Autism, providing them with proper care while allowing them to participate in activities throughout the community.
  • Care For Semi-Independent 16 - 25 Year Olds
    Our trained staff offer supported living services that help young people develop their independence and life skills.
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